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If you're looking...this is where you'll find it...

Posted on July 26, 2015 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (3)

I was awake one morning early, and this came to me...

The subject of success...hmmm......Let's see...

What it really comes down to is simply this.  Your children actually respect you.  I know...right?  They actually take after your advice.  They listen to experience, honor your feelings and are never too old to say "I love you".  Ok...so how about your partner?  When you think about it,"Trusting" is an accurate word describing your marriage.  In fact, you consider your wife or husband a best friend and confidant.  You have conversations without fear of judgement or critcism.  That's two.  That's a lot to be proud of, but how about your place in the community?  Instead of lacking a sense of identity, your family roots and traditions are well known.  The community recognizes your family name.  That family name is associated with talent, integrity, generosity and kindness.  People see you and call out your name from across the grocery store.  Your music is celebrated.  Your art is well known.  People pay money to help make what you love...and they love what you create.

That's already five stars in your favor...so shall I go on?

Ok...fine....I will.

 You took something that someone said was impossible and acheived it!  You finished the race that everyone said was over!  You learned to play a new instrument, mastered a new language or skill, went back to school and added to your education.  You were called ugly, awkward, stupid, not good enough, not talented enough, not eligible for a second chance and now...you are the master and commander of your own life and destiny!

If you can relate to anything I've written here, YOU ARE TRULY SUCCESSFUL!!

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