Orchard View Design LLC

"Art making with a storytelling narrative."

Our Services


Murals, outdoor sculptures, patio benches, garden art, unique functional art, sculptural decor, furniture, memorials and urns for ashes are just some of the services we offer.  We encourage our clients to bring their ideas to completion and allow us to make their long held dreams becoming reality.  

Take a minute to view the sample pictures in our gallery.  If there is a special someone you would like to honor with a with a piece of art or memorial object, share your idea with us!


Creativity comes in unexpected forms.  Whatever your vision, we will help you bring it into reality.  This can be done with wood, metal, stone, paint, or a medium of your choice.  If we cannot do the work ourselves, we will refer your project to a qualified professional who can.  

Pick up & Deliver

Our company will deliver and install your project on site.  Depending on the travel time, fuel and cost of equipment, we will meet your needs within a reasonable budget.